A Gamified Synthetic Environment for Evaluation of Counter-Disinformation Solutions


  • Jesse Richman
  • Lora Pitman Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Girish Nandakumar


disinformation, simulation, synthetic environment


This paper presents a simulation-based approach to countering online dis/misinformation. This disruptive technology experiment incorporated a synthetic environment component, based on adapted SIR epidemiological model to evaluate and visualize the effectiveness of suggested solutions to the issue. The participants in the simulation were given a realistic scenario depicting a dis/misinformation threat and were asked to select a number of solutions, described in IoS (Ideas-of-Systems) cards. During the event, the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the IoS cards, were tested in a synthetic environment (SEN), built after a Susceptible-Infected-Resistant (SIR) model. The participants, divided into teams, presented and justified their dis/misinformation strategy which included three IoS card selections. A jury of subject matter experts, announced the winning team, based on the merits of the proposed strategies and the compatibility of the different cards, grouped together.



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Richman, J., Pitman, L., & Nandakumar, G. (2022). A Gamified Synthetic Environment for Evaluation of Counter-Disinformation Solutions. Journal of Simulation Engineering, 3. Retrieved from https://jsime.org/index.php/jsimeng/article/view/13